Jewish Wedding Invitations – Bride Carrying Groom


I drew this wedding invitation caricature for this lovely Jewish couple. It shows the bride carrying the groom (in a “reverse of classic roles”).

For anyone who’s wondering what’s that shiny object under the bride’s foot – according to Jewish tradition, after the couple has been officially declared husband and wife, they both drink wine from a glass and then the glass is wrapped with a bag or tin foil and placed under the groom’s foot. The groom crushes the glass with his right foot (for good luck), and this begins the official marriage celebration. In this caricature, the glass is placed under the bride’s foot, while the groom holds the bride’s flower bouquet.

Do you like this caricature wedding invitation? I will gladly draw your caricature for your wedding invitation, in the same style, in a pose of your choice. Click here for more information.

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