Caricatures for Wedding Invitations

Getting Married? Congratulations!

Your wedding invitation is your first point of contact with your guests. A good wedding invitation, aside from being personal and of high quality, should represent who you are.

Give Your Wedding Invitation a Personal Touch With an Original and Amusing Wedding Caricature!

A personal caricature upgrades your wedding invitation, making it:

  • Unique – an original invitation that your guests will never forget.
  • Amusing – put a smile on the faces of your guests.
  • Personal – YOU choose what to include in the caricature – your clothing, your position, the setting, even props!
  • More Than Just an Invite – the caricature can be used to create an entire theme or branding to your wedding – Print in on magnets, wedding favors, t-shirts and gifts!

How long does it take? How much does it cost? How does it work?

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