Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a caricature cost?

The complete price list can be found here. To get a quick price quote (which is based on the price list), please contact me using this link.
Members of our Facebook page are entitled to a discount. To get the discount please feel free to like our page at


What does your service include?

I specialize in drawing caricatures from photos. The caricatures are provided in a high resolution digital file. You can use the caricature however you’d like(*) – embed it on your wedding invitation or birthday card, put in on your website of Facebook profile, print it on a gift, etc.

With regards to wedding invitations, I usually do not handle the wedding invitation design itself (e.g. wording). From my experience it’s best to leave the design to the printing house / wedding invitation designer, since they will most likely present you with the design options optimal for the types and sizes of paper they’re using. However, I can add one or two simple phrases to the caricature (such as “John and Jane are tying the knot”) at no extra charge.

How do I order?

First, please contact me using the short form to get a quick price quote. Please be very specific regarding what exactly you wish me to draw in the caricature. If you don’t really have an idea, let me know and we’ll think about something together (based on the caricature subject’s hobbies, personal history, etc).

I will then reply with instructions on how to proceed – here’s the standard process:

  • You’ll first be request to send me a mail with the following details:
    • For each person you want me to draw, please attach 3 to 5 clear, well lighted photos of each of the caricature’s subjects. (Additionally, if you wish, you can send me a public photo gallery of you [Facebook/Picasa/Flickr etc] so that I may have additional reference photos).
    • Please also provide the hair and eye color for each person – it’s not always clear from the photos.
    • In case the caricature is for a wedding invitation:
      • A photo or a written description of the wedding dress
      • A photo or a written description of what the groom would wear (e.g. “black suit with red tie”).
    • Please specify anything else you’d like in the caricature
  • Next I’ll send you a work order. Please make sure that all the details in the work order are correct, and then confirm the work order via e-mail.
  • Next I’ll issue a PayPal payment request. You can pay with any credit card accepted by PayPal or with your PayPal account.
  • Now the fun begins – I draw you! Drawing the caricature takes up to 10 business days (~2 weeks) from receiving your payment. If you need it sooner please let me know so that I can see if I can adjust to your timeline.
    • Note that approx. 5 days after receiving your payment I’ll send you a rough sketch (rough Black and White drawing) of the caricature. This is to make sure that I’m drawing exactly what you requested, before I continue to coloring your caricature. You will be able to comment and request changes on the sketch, and once you approve the sketch I’ll proceed to coloring the caricature.
Got any additional questions?
Please feel free to contact me here.